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You can find the best fighter of the fight night in here! please do not use it at your home...

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 The fight night champions.

The champions are fight for honor at cage , we have defferent martial sport that they are divided in to many parts ,like: Bixing,wrestling,kick box, kanfu,takwando...etc

all of these sports put togather and make free fight . and it had defferent level , and defferent name.

​Many martial artis would be surprised to see boxing on this list. However, boxing is one of the purest forms of martial arts in history.no one can belive on it, It is highly effective in MMA as well, teaching fighters head movement and footwork technique. for given good resulte, It is also extremely effective in self-defense situations, as most fights start standing up. Boxing is a sport that has been celebrated by the masses throughout history. and its so heavy sport the common people can do it .

However people use box at the street fight,

Biography of Baz Mohammad Mubariz.

Baz Mohammad Mubariz was born in 1990 at panjshir - Afghanistan , He pass his primary drill at polykhomri - Baghlan province .

Baz Mohammad Mubariz the first Afghan MMA athlete who bring the first medal in MMA for his country, he got 4 gold medal in world of amateur MMA championships for 4 years in row,

and in 2012 he entered in professional MMA events and till now he has 7 wins and 4 losses from big MMA promotions more...